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Steps to Planning the Perfect Trip

Planning a trip can be a source of excitement, stress, and everything in between. While right now may not be the ideal time for the trip of your dreams, we can always use it as something to look forward to! Whether you’re planning a trip for next year or even further, we have the perfect guide to helping you plan the perfect trip!

Choose Your budget

The first step to planning a trip is to figure out your budget. Stressing about money is the last thing you wanna do while you’re on vacation! Take a look at what you can spend in your savings, or make a plan for how long you need to save to make the trip the best you can.

Pick Your Destination

Now the fun begins! It’s time to pick a destination. Scroll through Instagram and Pinterest boards like this one, talk to your friends about their favorite trip locations, or think about that travel bucket list you’ve been working on for years

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Choose Your Travel Method

If you decide to fly, make sure to use FlySafe! FlySafe gives you the opportunity to sort flights based on the safety precautions they are taking into consideration. This will keep you organize your flight search, so that the flight is within your budget while also making sure you aren’t sacrificing the safety precautions that matter to you

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Choose Where You’d Like to Stay

As the travel industry continues to progress, the options for accommodations for a trip are constantly growing. Hotels.com, Air Bnb, Vrbo, and so many other websites can help you find the perfect place to stay!

Create Your Itinerary

Now that you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there, it’s time for the best part, building your itinerary! Start off making a list of the activities you want to prioritize, then spreading them out throughout the duration of your trip. Remember, there’s no need to fill in every gap in your schedule! It’s nice to have time to relax, and sometimes the best discoveries are made when you wander and explore an area on your own.

Start Packing / Choosing Your Outfits

You may want to do some shopping beforehand (There’s no such thing as a bad excuse to shop!). Make sure to choose versatile outfits, or a bunch of basics that you can mix and match

Reminder -- make sure your outfits are appropriate and comfortable for the activities you have planned! Make sure you find the perfect bag to hold all your items from websites like Away and Longchamp

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Now it’s time to get planning!! Make sure you tell us about your next trips by connecting with us on social media @FlyPilota

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