• Bobbi Whitney

Self-Care for the Travel Lover

It has been over a year since our entire world was flipped upside down by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s no secret that many of us are feeling burnt out, for SO many different reasons. Taking time for self care has never been more important. So, we present to you, a little list of self care tips that anyone can use, tailored specially for you travel lovers out there.


Journaling is something super quick and easy that you can do to keep yourself centered, grounded, and remind yourself of all the things you're grateful for. You can pick something like The Five Minute Journal, which is perfect to integrate into a daily routine, or you can get a blank journal and add your own personal touches. We suggest using your journal to write out your travel and adventure goals. You know what they say, writing down your goals makes them more likely to happen!


One of our favorite parts of travel is exploring. Whether it's seeing amazing feats of nature or trying a new restaurant, there's always so much to see! Have no fear, this fun doesn't have to stop just because travel is on pause! Make it a point to walk around your neighborhood, explore the sites you've never had time to see, and hit up some local restaurants and other businesses. And, don't forget your mask!


Thanks to technology, our closest friends, (even if they aren't geographically close), are only a FaceTime, Zoom, or some other form of video chat away. One of the best forms of self care is venting, chatting, or just having a friend on the phone while you complete other tasks. For an added bonus, you can even give your favorite travel buddy a ring and reminisce about your favorite trips together.


A nice face mask, scented, scented candles and body scrubs, what could possibly more relaxing! As a fun form of self care, treat yourself to a little spa day! Whether it be using your favorite products you have at home, or buying yourself a personalized spa set like this one on Etsy, a spa day will leave you feeling refreshed. (And, if you use a little imagination, you can make it feel like you’re being pampered on a tropical island🧖‍♀️🧖)

We hope you enjoyed the self care tips! Taking care of your self is crucial to all parts of life, even taking care of others! You deserve it.

If you use any of our tips, we’d love to hear about it! Connect with us on social media @flypilota! Let’s make today and everyday a self care day!

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