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Getting to Know Wild Bum

Picture this -- we’re approaching the summer months, and you’re planning a summer getaway for you and two of your closest friends (for our imaginary dream scenario, let’s reminisce on those pre-COVID days). The three of you have chosen your destination -- Barcelona. None of you have been before, and you have no idea where to even begin in terms of planning your trip. While the excitement of travel is quite honestly unmatched, one thing we can’t avoid is the stress, a lot of which comes from the planning. Now, imagine instead of searching far and wide and getting lost in an endless abyss of google search results, what if you could find everything you needed in one place?

Newsflash! You CAN. Introducing… WILD BUM! If you follow us on instagram (which if you don’t, check us out here!) you know that their lovely team let us take over their instagram stories. We also got a chance to chat with Mollie, Wild Bum’s founder. As a travel enthusiast, Mollie has always been a believer in the many positive impacts travel has on health. Mollie came up with the amazing idea to create a community that brings together not only other travel enthusiasts, but people who love to do travel research and planning as well. Thus, Wild Bum was born, and today it’s a growing community for travelers everywhere.

So, what exactly is Wild Bum?

Wild Bum is an online global marketplace that offers comprehensive, curated travel guides! Designed by Guide Architects—real travelers who are passionate about sharing their insider travel knowledge—Wild Bum Travel Guides provide a blueprint for travelers around the world to plan their next adventure.

What inspired the creation of Wild Bum?

Wild Bum is more than a business for me, I live it! I believe that travel is not a luxury, but rather an essential part of our health and well-being. People began asking me for travel advice and suggestions and I essentially began curating Travel Guides on my own before realizing that there are a lot of people out there who also geek out over the research and traveling more meaningfully. That sparked the idea for Wild Bum - to build a gorgeous, user-friendly platform to unite those who obsess over the research with people who either dislike it or don't have the time for it! It builds one big global community; connection and making this world feel a bit smaller is my jam. Being ferociously persistent and extremely passionate - I began cold-messaging people on Insta (LOL) and soon the #wildbumming movement and community began to grow.

What makes a good guide architect? How does someone become one?

A Guide Architect can be anyone! Anyone who is passionate about their hometown or travels where they've experienced the hidden gems, the local faves, and wants to share their savvy wisdom with others! With their insider tips, they curate these extremely thoughtful and comprehensive Travel Guides to help other people create meaningful adventures of their own!

A Guide Architect applies through our website. Once their application is approved, they set up their own profile on the site that links directly to their Insta handle! Using a Wild Bum Travel Guide template (but, putting their own creative spin on it) they begin crafting their little hearts out! All of their Guides are uploaded to their profile and they retain 75% of every Guide purchase.

What is special about Wild Bum guides vs other travel guides?

So many things! It's like purchasing a travel guide from a good friend you didn't know you had. They are also extremely comprehensive - aspiring to save someone 5-10+ hours of their valuable time. We aspire to take all of the research out - but, the great thing is that a Wild Bum Travel Guide isn't meant to plan out every second, rather it's like a blueprint - so the traveler still has control over what they do and don't do while maximizing their precious time in a new city! A Wild Bum Travel Guide typically includes an overview of the destination(s), yummy restaurants, awesome accommodations from hotels to Airbnbs, hidden gems, cool things to do, a sample itinerary, packing checklist, tips & etiquette and more.

What do you recommend someone who loves to travel and is interested in Wild Bum do during quarantine when they can’t really travel?

Yes! We love chatting about this. Several Guide Architects have written about this on our blog! Pandemic or not, travel is first and foremost a mindset. Every day can bring new adventures. There are the little things like switching up your route on a walk/run or drive to work. It's amazing what new sights you'll notice by making this simple change. Have a picnic that reminds you of your travels to Italy or Spain - with a cute blanket and a yummy bottle of wine. Watch movies like The Hobbit or listen to podcasts like Guide Architect Joe Sill's Get Lost Podcast or Guide Architect Emmanuel LaRoche's Flavors Unknown to fuel your wanderlust. One of my personal favorites, instead of focusing on the travels you have yet to take (or had to cancel, thank you Covid)...go through photos from your previous travels. While I have a deep yearning for all of the places I want to go - reminding myself how fortunate I have been to travel and experience so many amazing parts of the world gives me so much gratitude.

What’s your favorite guide you’ve made or used?

Oh wow. That's a tough one. I've curated so many, I've purchased so many and we see the Guides when they go through a review process before being uploaded. Every single time we see a Guide come through - we are re-energized. Our 415+ growing community of Guide Architects create such badass Guides. They are so thorough and crafted! They care deeply about the quality of their Guides. And, we love that we also have the opportunity to tailor the Guides for the traveler after they are purchased! Sorry - I get so excited, I got a little sidetracked ;-) It's too difficult to pick a favorite, but we love how niche some get whereas others are more broad - road trips, solo trips, family adventures, there's really something for everyone! And, we are essentially just getting started.

And Mollie is absolutely correct -- Wild Bum is just getting started! We are so excited to see all of the amazing things they continue to do, and you can keep up with them here!

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