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Getting to Know: Bébé Voyage

No one wants to be the person that gets stuck on a plane next to a crying baby, and no one wants to be the parent scrambling to take care of a crying baby either. For many travel lovers, parenthood is seen as a roadblock to your freedom, especially your freedom to travel. We here at Pilota connected with Bébé Voyage, the one stop shop for everything you’ll ever need to know about traveling with your kids! Here’s a rundown of just a few of the many thing you can gain from joining the international community that is Bébé Voyage:


Whether you’re looking to take your kid on an island adventure or a city getaway, you can use Bébé Voyage’s super easy search feature to find the perfect travel guides that will tell you hidden gems, full day travel itineraries, and more!

image via https://www.bebevoyage.com/


From strollers to toys, car seats, and everything in between, it can be super overwhelming to find everything you could possibly need for your child. Have no fear, Bébé Voyage breaks down all the best gear for traveling families to make sure your kid is safe and happy on your adventures! (They’re even providing discounts on all the best gear via their newest membership program!)


How do I plan a trip with a baby? How do I fly with a baby? What do I do if my baby gets jet lagged? The questions that come with traveling with children can feel endless, but Bébé Voyage has got you covered with their advice section!

image via https://www.bebevoyage.com/


A new member is more than welcome to sign up for Bébé Voyage’s Courier plan, which is entirely free and gives users a personal profile, access to private forums, and a weekly newsletter. However, they also offer The Voyager and Explorer plans, which give their subscribers access to the best resources available, such as a pen pal program, local city guides, partner brand discounts, and so much more. Bébé Voyage Co-founder explains, “This pandemic has changed the way we see travel, so Bébé Voyage’s membership program also aims to help families connect with one another, discover activities close to home through our local city guides, and learn about different cultures from home.” Learn more about Bébé Voyage’s awesome subscription plans here!

We’ve absolutely loved getting to know all about Bébé Voyage, and will most definitely be keeping it mind when traveling with children. We hope you do, too!

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