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Essentials for your Carry-On During COVID-19

Whether you’re an expert folder who can neatly pack a suitcase for a week in 10 minutes, or someone who has to unpack and repack and sit on top of their suitcase to finally get it shut, packing is a part of a trip that’s impossible to avoid. In the wake of COVID-19, many of us aren’t traveling in the ways that we’re used to. For those of us who are still traveling (safely!) for essential trips, we’ve compiled a full list of everything you need in your carry-on.


Most public places require you to wear masks around others, and airlines are no exception. In addition to the mask you wear on your way to the airport, you should also pack an additional one just to be safe. You can buy disposable medical grade masks at your local pharmacy, or find some that match your personal style one Etsy or stores like Revolve !

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Hand sanitizer is something you should ALWAYS carry with you, especially when you’re interacting with high touch points like escalator handles, chairs and tray tables, the screens in front of your seat on a plane, and more.


If you book your trip using FlySafe, you can choose a flight that sanitizes the cabin between trips. That being said, an extra wipe of an arm rest or tray table can never hurt!


Water bottles have always been one of the most useful things to have with you at the airport. Not only are the good for the environment, they save you money and will also remind you to drink water. Remember -- bring the water bottle to the airport empty, you can fill it up when you get there.

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Some flights have increased their food hygiene, and some have even decided to stop serving food entirely (which you can find out using FlySafe!), but if you aren't comfortable with airplane food, try bringing your own small snacks!

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Travel, along with everything else in the world right now, is changing dramatically. Hopefully these tips will help you be prepared for anything your trip throws at you!

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