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A Travel Lover's Guide to Quarantine

It’s currently been 139 days since California became the first state in the US to issue a stay at home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, stay at home orders and quarantine have put us in a situation unlike anything most of us have ever experienced before. Being confined to the walls of your home when you’re used to going out everyday for work, exercise, or leisure activities with your friends isn’t easy for anyone. The ability a lot of people have to stay home is a privilege. That being said, however, people all of the world are experiencing what’s been coined Quarantine Fatigue, an increase in stress and anxiety, lack of motivation, and a slew of other symptoms caused by the lack of freedom many of us now feel. For you travel lovers out there who typically deal with the stressors of life via travel and adventure, here’s a guide for some things you can do until we can all safely travel again.


Throughout all of the struggles and stressors that have occurred over the past few months, it’s so important to acknowledge how lucky you are to have gone on the trips you have! Take some time to think back on some of your favorite trips. Look through old photos (maybe even put them in a scrapbook), write about them, you can even create paintings, drawings, and other artworks inspired by some of your favorite travel locations and memories! If you want to get extra fancy, you can use a company like Chatbooks who can turn your photos from your favorite trips into a professional photo book. (These make a great gift!)

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We might not know when leisure travel will begin again, but we can still plan for the future! This is the perfect time to take your summer travel budget and save it for future trips. Make a list of your travel bucket list (if you haven’t done so already!) and start planning a trip. Pick hotels, resorts, Air BnBs or other accommodations you’d like to stay in, and you can build yourself an itinerary of activities you’ve been thinking about doing. Check out Wild Bum as a source for awesome travel guides for your favorite destinations, and Portico to compile all of your trip plans. With Portico, you can even share your plans with your friends so you and your favorite travel partner can easily work on something together! While it may be tough to book a flight when you don’t know when a trip is going to happen, you can use our Chrome extension FlySafe to decide what airlines you may be interested in flying on based on what they’re doing to keep their passengers safe.

image source: Portico

Pick up a new hobby!

That guitar you have sitting in the corner of your room that you never picked up? The paint set you ordered and never got around to using? Now’s the perfect time! Spend some time scrolling through Pinterest and other social media platforms for creative inspiration, try following a new recipe, read a book, there are so many choices! Maybe even learn some words in the local language of a future trip you planned!

image source: Photo by Kreated Media on Unsplash

Go on a Staycation!

Every State has an attraction to see. Whether it’s a National Park or a Historical site, there may be hidden gems that you’ve never had the chance to see right in your backyard. Plan a quick day trip or weekend trip to see some of the amazing sights your area has to offer. Since tourism is down throughout the country, it’s much easier to see a site while avoiding the risk of large crowds. Pack up and Go can help you plan an awesome staycation in your hometown, while taking into consideration travel restrictions and COVID precautions. Make sure to bring your mask!

image source: Pack up and Go

We know that these past few months have been hard for everyone in so many different ways. We are in this together! We hope that our suggestions are able to keep you busy for a little and combat some of that quarantine fatigue. If you try any of our tips, we’d love to hear all about it! Connect with us on social media at @FlyPilota

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