• Bobbi Whitney

5 Ways We Can All Make Our Travel More Sustainable

When we hear about our current climate crisis, it sounds intimidating. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed. How can I as one person fix this global crisis? How could my individual differences and lifestyle changes ever possibly impact such a large issue? The answer is simple -- if we all enact small changes in our lifestyles, we can create the impact required to protect our planet. As frequent travelers, it can be hard to balance your love for travel with your desire to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some of the little things you can do to make your travels more sustainable!


This is one that we hear all the time. Regardless of if it’s in the context of travel or not, reducing waste is crucial to protecting our environment. In travel, however, this is especially important. Can you think of a time when you were on a trip and spent all day exploring outside, and had to buy a plastic, single use water bottle? Now, imagine how much your waste would be reduced if you carried around a reusable bottle with you? (Not to mention that tourists attractions sometimes charge crazy prices for simple things like bottles of water -- don’t only save the environment, worry about your wallet too!)


There are plenty of online apps that you can use that will allow you to input your actions, and see what your carbon footprint is. North - Your Climate Journey, is an awesome app that provides insights as to what activities are contributing to your carbon footprint, and what you can do to counteract!


When visiting a new destination, do some research to see what awesome local shopping and restaurants are available to you! A lot of money that is generated in the tourism industry unfortunately does not go to the community that it’s generated from. Shopping local not only is a totally awesome experience, it also helps to support the local community, AND is so much better for the environment!


When planning a trip, there are many different options for where you can stay. Next time you plan a trip, take a look at websites such as bookdifferent.com, which rates how environmentally friendly different accommodation options are. You may even want to do some research to help you find a Travel Agent who specializes in sustainable tourism.


Packing light (while it’s definitely something we’ve all struggled with one time or another) is super useful for so many reasons. Packing lighter means that your method of transportation (whether that be a plane, a train, or anything in between) has a little less weight to carry. Every pound counts! Even 10 pound lighter will save some energy -- and it all adds up!

One of the most important things to remember when we think about the environment is that while our tiny actions don’t seem to add up, if we do them consistently, and convince those around us to follow suit, we can make amazing changes!

Next time you book your travel, not only should you be concerned about your safety (and you know we’ve got you covered there via FlySafe), but also take a look at how you can be a little greener!

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