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5 Travel Apps Your Future Self Will Thank You For Downloading Now

As technology continues to advance, it seems that the tiny computers that sit in our pockets seem to be able to do more and more for us. Allowing us to access plane tickets, access notes, and access our debit and credit cards are just a few of the ways our phones can be of use to us, especially during our travels. While it’s been and probably will continue to be a slow return to leisure travel, here are some awesome travel apps that you can download now to get ready for your next trip!


One of the hardest parts about long distance travel is jet lag. Fighting the urge to sleep as soon as you get to your destination because your body is telling you it’s 2AM, while your location is telling you it’s 9AM can feel impossible. That’s where Timeshifter comes in. Timeshifter offers personalized tips regarding your sleep schedules such as when to sleep on a plane or stay awake, when to try to avoid light, and more. Jet lag is a thing of the past thanks to Timeshifter!

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Hotel Tonight kind of does exactly what it sounds like. It gives you access to available hotel rooms, tonight! Hotel Tonight will give you exclusive room discounts to hotels in thousands of cities worldwide, such as New York City, LA, Boston, Cancun, Dallas, Dublin, Madrid, and more! You name it, and Hotel Tonight has probably got you covered. With their help, you can be so much more flexible in your trips (which is an amazing luxury to have!).

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Budgeting is one of the most important parts of any trip. Making sure you have enough money to do everything in your plans (and making sure you aren’t entirely broke once you get home) can be difficult, which is why you need Trail Wallet. Trial Wallet lets you organize all of your expenses, and can explain what happened in case you go over. Gone are the days of keeping track of tons of paper receipts, Trail wallet’s got you covered!

image via apple app store


Get prepared for PackPoint to become your new best friend (especially for you overpackers!). PackPoint will take into account the weather at your destination, the activities in your itinerary, and the length of your trip to put together your perfect packing list. Going on a trip with friends? PackPoint turns each packing list into a personal website, that you can use to share your list with your friends and travel buddies.

image via packpnt.com


For those of you who love a good road trip, you NEED Roadtrippers! Just simply put in your origin and your destination, and Roadtrippers will tell you what wonderful places you can stop at along the way. They said it best: “You’re always 5 minutes away from something awesome!”

image via roadtrippers.com

We hope you love these travel apps and that they make all of your future trips easier and more enjoyable. Now -- get to downloading!!

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