• Bobbi Whitney

3 Outdoor Trip Ideas You Can Go On Now

If you had asked anyone to predict what the current events of 2020 would look like, there’s likely not a single person who could’ve predicted correctly. 2020 has truly been a chain of unprecedented events that has had an impact on every industry and aspect of our lives. As of March 2020, 81% of people hadn’t cancelled any of their travel plans due to worry of the Corona Virus. However, as months have passed, that number has most definitely decreased. Now, about three months since lockdowns and quarantines began in the United States, people are itching to get back to normal life, especially as summer quickly approaches.

Just because people want to travel, doesn’t mean they want to be reckless. People are looking for destinations that will allow them to safely distance themselves from others, while still gaining the relaxing benefits travel typically brings about. Because of this, many are turning to one place. The great outdoors. From beaches to National Parks, here are 4 outdoor trips you can plan right now.


Cape May is located on the Southern tip of New Jersey, and while it’s full of activities to partake in year-round, it’s the perfect summer getaway. Cape May is under a 4 hour drive from New York, Delaware, and Philadelphia, and is also accessible via airports of surrounding cities. There’s an endless list of activities, from spending time on the beach to enjoying Cape May’s many restaurants and shops. They even have lists of kid friendly and dog-friendly activities, making this the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family.


About 30 miles out of New York City, Cold Spring is easily accessible not only by car, but public transportation. This is the perfect destination for hikers of all experience levels, as you can visit the information stand, explain your experience level, and they will recommend which trail is best for you. On the Bull Hill Loop trail, there are so many scenic areas to stop for breaks, including spots with views of the New York City skyline! It’s easy to navigate and change trails whenever you’d like, and the trails are dog friendly!


Shenandoah National Park is located in Virginia and is currently in phased reopening, meaning most of their amenities are starting to open again. Skyline Drive, the only public road in the park is an extremely scenic route, with posts to mark different points of interest in the park. Be sure to check Shenandoah’s website before your visit for information about park capacity and open amenities!

As of right now, it’s believed that the risk associated with visiting National Parks and Beaches is relatively low, as long as you plan carefully and follow public health guidelines. If you’re looking to go on an outdoor adventure this summer, look into one of these amazing destinations! Be sure to let us know how your trip goes by connecting with us on social media @flypilota !

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