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10 Things Airlines are Doing to Keep You Safe

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues on, we all know one thing for certain -- the world won’t be shut down forever. While we always need to keep health and safety our highest priorities, we do need to work to create a new normal for all aspects of our lives. Students need to return to school, international business needs to continue, people want to see their families, and so many other activities will eventually resume that will have people getting on planes again. Here are some of the things major airlines are implementing to keep you safe when you fly.

Capacity Capping

Some airlines are lowering the number of tickets available on each flight to ensure that it’s possible for passengers to distance themselves from each other

Seat Blocking

Goodbye middle seats! On some flights, no tickets are sold for the middle seats, forcing physical distance between passengers in rows.

Image Source: The Washington Post

Social Distancing at Check In & Boarding

Social distancing is being implemented everywhere, from restaurants to parks, and now airplane terminals as well. Most airlines are changing lines and waiting areas that require passengers to be six feet away from each other while checking into flights and boarding the plane.

Image Source: Vecteezy.com

Boarding Sanitation

Many airlines are updating every aspect of flying, all the way down to the boarding process. In a lot of instances, there are now less opportunities for passengers to come into contact with others, making the boarding process cleaner and safer for passengers and crew.

Mask Required

Most airlines are requiring that masks be worn not only by passengers, but crew members as well, reducing the likeliness of the spread of germs and bacteria.

image source: Live and Let's Fly

Provided Personal Protective Equipment

Some Airlines are not only requiring that their passengers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) but providing it to their passengers who don’t have it already.

image source: Elite Healthcare

Cabin Sanitation

Airlines are using various methods to sanitize cabins both before and after passengers are on the plane!

Air FIltration

Airplanes are fashioned with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air filters, which trap harmful particles, preventing them from circulating through the air during your flight.

Food Hygiene

Various airlines are making changes to the way in which they serve food and beverages to passengers. Some are no longer providing food, while others are changing the process so that crew members make less contact with your food before it gets to you.

image source: Healthline

Flexible Policies

One concern many travelers have run into is rebooking trouble. Flights may get cancelled, you may change your mind about wanting to travel, or your destination may experience a spike in COVID cases before your arrival. Whatever the reason may be, airlines are implementing increasingly flexible cancellation and rebooking policies that give you the freedom to change your mind

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