Helping you keep your travelers safe.

With Pilota’s FlySafe API, you’ll be able to access health and safety risk forecasts at the touch of your fingertips.


Protect Your Travellers

Stay ahead of the curve with our detailed reports.


Health & safety measures revealing what airlines are doing to keep their planes safe and clean.


Flexible policies to help your travelers know next steps in case the unexpected happens.


AI predictions that allow flyers to plan ahead according to delays, for traffic, and more. 


Comparison tools letting users easily see which flight is best for them based on price, safety, and more.

Help Travellers Book With Certainty

With FlySafe, businesses will be able to safely plan trips for their travelers, providing all the information necessary to do so.

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Data That Can Be Trusted

Pilota has done the hard work for you. We’ve combined health and safety information with real-time data to empower the analysis of flights. This information is even updated every 48 hours to ensure accuracy and relevance.


Flight Safety Should Be Accessible

Get started today to ensure the safety of your travelers and (some other positive thing for their business.)